Our remote desktop support enables us to render technical assistance to PC/Laptop user regardless of location, as long as the client has sufficient internet connectivity.  We can serve up our remote services from starting with hardware and software diagnostic to resolving hardware and software issues possible via remotely.

Common activities we tackle with our remote services are:

Operating System Maintenance

System upgrades and patches support

Installation or removal of error-prone applications

Antivirus support or installation and updates

How we go about with this?

Our remote desktop supports starts with a client contacting us for a support. Depending on the schedule and urgency of the matter, we usually set a schedule time to do the remote fix on the client’s machine and this is done under the watch of the client.

We utilize a program to do the remote work and this program enables us to login to the client’s pc as if we are directly in front of the PC. This whole maintenance/troubleshooting activity are done through secure connection and data privacy is strictly maintained.

Advantages of Remote Desktop Solution to your computer Problem?

In the technical field, the advantages of serving up clients remotely is immense, below are just some of the more obvious ones:

  1. Faster Issue/Problem Resolution
  2. Outright determination of the root cause of issues
  3. Enhanced technician productivity
  4. You are better aware of the troubleshooting scenario
  5. More satisfied clients