FYI: “Oragon” is a slang word in Bicol, Philippines that means “Person of Excellence” or “the best”.) -thus, Technoragon is a coined word for a person who is good in technologies.

Who We Are

Technoragon is a service oriented small company that provides a range of computer and Information Technology Services. In this time where computer and Information Technology are so vital for personal, professional, and business use, Technoragon aims to be your go-to resource in your entire computer and IT needs. We aspire to be a full-service IT provider offering an array of computer and technology services, from residential computing use-case down to consulting and implementation to give professionals and businesses the best that computing and information technology can offer.

As a technology service provider we understand how technology can be complex specially to ordinary non-technical users, and that our computer devices are tools we use for personal and work situations and as such warrants that it stays always at their optimal conditions. Unfortunately, often it fails when we needed it most, and it is for this very reason that Technoragon was conceived, to provide a fix and solutions to computing devices and infrastructures and give professionals and businesses a dependable partner they can go to whenever they need a fix for their computers/laptops or for an entire computer networks.

As a team of Technoragons, we are happy to heed their call and provide a solution.

Our Vision

To be a leading full-service information technology provider that helps professionals and small businesses leverage the power of information technology to solve work and business problem in a cost-effective manner.

Our Mission

  • To be a reliable and dependable computer and information technology partner.
  • To be a constant provider of technology solutions to local professionals and businesses.
  • To be an educator in how technology can best serve professionals and businesses.