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About Me

Hi! I am Technoragon! – “Tech” for technology and “Oragon” (our dialect word) for great, excellent, or skillful. I personally coined the word because my friends would often described me as great in technology, so thus I describe my online presence with it.

I am an IT specialist and a technology enthusiast who loves learning everything and anything about technologies, electronics, and solar renewable energy. I am fond of doing DIY projects relating to things that solve problems in daily life and work. I consider myself a “forever learner”, driven to seek any knowledge in everything that interests me.

My primary focus is IT where I stay in tune with the latest technology and tools relating to cloud, containerization, networking and automation. As an IT professional I came from traditional IT where I serve small businesses’ need for technology, installing servers, cable or wireless network infrastructure, security surveillance cameras, and yes, even rooftop solar energy. I am fond of utilizing open source programs to address small businesses’ need for information technology. I had operated my own small BPO operation in the past lasting for 15 years where I served at the helm of both the management and information technology side of it, thus the experience allowed me to understand how IT plays a major role in a business setting. Knowing that technology is capital intensive, I always make it a point to find solutions that fit small business’s budget, and every time I fulfill this objective in my project I find satisfaction and fulfillment completing the project, it’s where my passion is!

I believe IT is a fast paced and competitive industry where one should always be abreast and updated with current trends and improvements in the industry. Thus recently, I am mindful of re-learning and teaching myself with technologies like docker, kubernetes, virtualization, automation, and cloud computing. Currently, I am challenging myself to attain the necessary experience and industry certifications in these technology trends.

Other than working in my small technology business, I am doing online freelance work as an IT specialist. Reach out to phil@technoragon.com to connect!