If you are professional or digital freelancers whose productivity leans so much on the reliability of your computer/s and internet connectivity, you can work easily knowing that there is an IT support service you can call whenever you encounter technical issues on your computers.

If you are a small business owner whose daily operation and security relies on the integrity and reliability of your computer networks and internet connectivity, we can help you grow and reach your success by taking away the hassles of maintaining your technology infrastructure. Giving you ease of doing business and allowing you to focus on your core business activities through provision of support and services needed for your growth.

We are focused in being your technology partner, readily able to respond and provide solutions through continuous improvement and skill upgrades to meet future technology hurdles.

Our Services

Desktop and Laptop Repair
Network Design and Installation
IT Consulting
Remote Desktop Support
Managed IT Support
CCTV Installation

-We Believe Technology is Key to Progress-

‚ÄúTechnoragon’s purpose is to not only be a fixer, but be a resource that will enable others to learn aspects of information technology that they think will benefit them and their company. We will be imparting technology education as part of our core objectives so that others will learn to utilize information technology in their lives.”

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